Children’s Jungle Creche

Open both Saturday and Sunday

Led by Childcare Specialist Gwen, as well as other Childcare professionals, featuring:

  • Readings by Tina Stubbs, Author of Life’s Little Bugs

After leaving the corporate world of sales she followed her burning ambition to develop a series of picture books that teach young children good habits in a fun way.

Having always had an interest in art and graphics she had studied CAD and graphic design but went on to achieve a London Art College diploma in children’s illustration helping her to convert the Life’s Little Bugs characters into book illustrations.

Tina also sought professional advice in health, hygiene and social behaviour to include in the books rhyming text, making them a good and colourful reference for teaching young children wellbeing Each book has its own set of rules to follow that support the development of these little life lessons from handwashing to respect.

Through her knowledge of NLP Tina understands the importance of repetition to build habits and has award charts and activities to accompany the books to keep up momentum.

She currently lives in Berkshire with her partner, both eagerly waiting for the children to individually arrive home from their worldly travels to fill the house once again. She mixes her time between home, London and Norfolk where she can indulge in her love of exploring the great outdoors, yoga and fun nights out with friends and family.

Her use of humorous rhyme and quirky illustrations are popular at the school and library readings she attends and she often follows with some fun activities too.

Tina is a great believer that enjoyment is the best way to learn!


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